Strategic Planning and Management
From Community meetings to Conferences and other Events


We were approached by a few local universities to assist with planning multiple small (300-400 projected attendees) conferences. For two conferences we were able to help create and align a mission and vision, send out and audit the requests for proposals, communicate amongst varied parties to carry out each aspect of the plan, and to run a smaller (100 participant) post conference Open Space Dialogue. 

We have also been lead speakers on educational policy, school and community based strategies, school leaders professional development and more.

We wear many Hats!


Our team has had the pleasure of working a long side innovators, creators and visionaries across the spectrum. We work with educators, IT specialists, Graphic Designers, Institutions of Higher Education, and other non-profit and for- profit agencies.

We are a team of diverse and talented individuals. The polished skill sets on our team allows us to provide the depth and breadth and quality of services that only a truly passionate and effective team can deliver.
We have:
  • Helped create viable mission and vision statements and organizational models for startups.
  • Planned conferences from idea inception to and through the post event reflection.
  • Consulted with agencies to perform needs assessments, root cause analyses, strategic plans, hiring, internal audits prior to state/local compliance checks, and more!


Speaking Engagements
From Restorative Justice to LGBTQ Wellness to Educational Technology and Design.


We have had the privilege to speak at a variety of education and social policy panels, social work research conferences, marine biology, ecology and education conferences as well as to provide professional development to employers and employees in these and other sectors.

International Partnering
Building Bridges and Sharing Best Practices


From NYC to California there are a ton of scholars and organizations we meet and work with. However, we are not just limited to the great U.S.A. We have built relationships with organizations from Ireland to Thailand to New Zealand and back!!